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My goal is to make music that is worthy of being used in a movie. So if you want to, feel free to. Anything that is uploaded from here out will be of my best quality humanly possible. Because... I have a Mac now. =)

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Just really stopping by to say hello and I hope everyone is having a FANTASTIC 2017. I won't be long...

I have a few small updates, including now as of July 2015 I have a full time job that demands every part of me, haha. I'm event staff at a convention center here in town, and some of our clients are, well... shew. But about 90% of them are AWESOME!

At the beginning of 2015 I was reacquainted with a very good friend, and I mean VERY good, and an awesome gal... and as of September 2016, we are now MARRIED! So, I'm an old married man now. haha

And due to these reasons, I have definitely been nowhere near as active on here. Today is the first day in a long time I have some free time, but I was so exhausted from just... life... that I have done NOTHING today. Tonight I'll be helping my wife get ready for a program she does at her work, which involves making muffins. Yum!

Anyway...  ah, the music. I am not done. I still want to make a metal album. And my love for video game and electronic music keeps me trying new things as I can. But progress is slow and resources are highly limited. Some of my recording equipment is still at home and "inaccessible," let's just say that. Luckily, if I don't recover those items, it's not a terrible loss. And with my interest in technology and possibly looking for a career in IT/computers, maybe I can have the resources to get the best equipment I have ever had. 

So just stay tuned. If I upload anything it'll be more things like Party Virus. 

Don't give up on me, Newgrounds. 

I'll leave you with a challenge...

I know Newgrounds is a worldwide site, and I know you all have probably seen the events unfold in the USA, with Donald Trump becoming our newest president. He isn't my favorite, but give the guy a chance. I have seen way too much hostility toward his campaign and presidency, and way too much "cold war" going on between the liberals and conservatives. Let's drop our weapons that are our mouths and fingers, and just try on love for once. We get nowhere with the destructive forces of hatred and rioting, and Madonna thinking of blowing up the White House is not a good way to ensure peace among the people. We are in trouble, but not dying yet. Have faith, and practice love. 

It wasn't deep or well thought out, but it's better than RAGE QUIT. 




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